Fall Cleanup

22, September 2018

From: MECA President

To: All Participants


Start Fall Cleanup promptly at 9 a.m.

All team members meet at Meadowbrook Country Club Security Box

MECA President will conduct a safety brief  

Disperse teams to their assigned areas

Cleanup begins

MECA Fall Cleanup will consist of (3) teams

Landscaping Team
Litter Patrol Team

– Bulk Pickup Team

MECA Fall Cleanup will consist of (2) Special Team Officers

Safety Officer


MECA Fall Cleanup Safety Brief

Hydrate the night before
Wear sturdy foot wear
Wear utility or garden gloves
Wear eye protection when working with power tools
Wear ear protection when working where theres excessive noise
Wear a reflective vest/belt when working where theres motorized traffic
Everyone work in pairs at a minimum
At least one person on each team should have a cell phone
Use orange trash bags for added visibility
Be ultra mindful of traffic
Remember Our Safety is Paramount!!!


MECA Fall Cleanup Ends @ 12 Noon

HJulius Huggins

MECA President

Please note that a large number of residents have been approached lately by SCAM artists offering driveway resurfacing at bargain prices. DO NOT fall for this. It is a SCAM!



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